Hair Loss Drugs and Shampoos

Below you will find a list of many thinning hair and hair loss prevention products. It is recommended that you consult a physician before using any of the hair loss products listed below.

Hair Loss Products Containing Minoxidil

Minoxidil is one of two prescription drugs that have been approved by the FDA to treat hair loss. The following are some of the products that contain minoxidil:
Rogaine® is a brand name for the drug minoxidil, which is a vasodilator (meaning that it dilates blood vessels). Rogaine® has been approved by the FDA to slow the rate of hair loss and reduce the appearance of baldness. Minoxidil is available both over the counter and by prescription, depending on the strength of the solution. Rogaine® is a topical ointment that is rubbed onto the scalp twice a day. Research has shown that minoxidil can be effective at slowing or stopping hair loss, particularly in the crown of the head. It is not, however, an effective treatment for receding hairlines.
Treatment with Rogaine® may stimulate the growth of new hair for some users, but any new hair will fall out if minoxidil use is discontinued. Any hair loss shampoo products containing the drug minoxidil may be able to prevent further hair loss or generate new hair. Hair loss products with a high concentration of minoxidil have proven to be more effective than products containing lower dosages.

Thinning Hair Products Containing Finasteride

Finasteride is the other prescription drug that has been approved by the FDA to treat hair loss and thinning hair. The following are some of the products that contain finasteride:
Propecia® is the brand name for finasteride, an oral hair loss medication. Originally marketed under the brand name Proscar®, finasteride was initially developed and prescribed as a treatment for enlarged prostates in men. Over time, many of the drug’s users and their physicians noticed new hair growth and diminished thinning of the hair. This led to the development of Propecia® (a lower dosage finasteride pill) to be used strictly for the treatment of hair loss.
Propecia® has been approved by the FDA to slow the rate of hair loss and reduce the appearance of baldness in men. The drug has also been shown be effective for the treatment of female hair loss and baldness. Propecia® is available only by prescription, and there are some precautions that need to be taken into consideration, especially those regarding exposure to pregnant women. Propecia® is not recommended for hair loss treatment in pre-menopausal women, as using or even touching the drug while pregnant can cause serious birth defects.
Reliable clinical research has shown that Propecia® can be effective at slowing hair loss and may help to grow new hair. As with minoxidil, however, finasteride use must continue indefinitely or any new hair will fall out. Propecia® has been proven to either prevent further hair loss or generate the growth of new hair in nine out of ten men and post-menopausal women. When combined with minoxidil, hair loss products such as shampoo treatments, and topical Rogaine® solutions, the results achieved with Propecia® may be enhanced.
Proscar® is the brand name of the finasteride solution prescribed to treat prostate enlargement in men. Patients undergoing treatment with Proscar® began to notice the growth of new hair, which, after further FDA testing, led to the approval of finasteride for the treatment of hair loss in the form of the drug Propecia®.

Hair Loss Products Containing Dutasteride

Similar to finasteride, dutasteride was also developed to treat benign prostate enlargement in men but was found to promote hair growth. Avodart® is the brand name for dutasteride.
Avodart®, as with Proscar®, is a pill prescribed to men for the treatment of an enlarged prostate. In addition to treating this condition, the active drug in Avodart®, dutasteride, has been associated with a decline in the thinning of hair and the growth of new hair in many men. Initial clinical trials suggest that dutasteride may prove to be a more effective hair loss drug than finasteride, due to the fact that finasteride blocks about 70 percent of DHT (the hormone believed to cause hair loss) from being produced, as compared to 95 percent with dutasteride. The FDA is currently investigating the use of dutasteride as a hair loss treatment drug.


The Priorin Ampoules against Hair Loss is the new Priorin product, which is expected to revolutionize treatment of hair loss, thanks to the patented combination of three active ingredients include:
Melatonin: a very effective antioxidant, has the capacity to mobilize the hair while coping with hair loss and thinning hair, reduces the oxidative damage caused by UV radiation and binds free radicals, allowing the bulb of the root to use it as instrument of local self-defense.
Ginkgo biloba: herbal extract with exceptional antioxidant properties, increases peripheral blood flow to the bulb and helps protect hair.
Biotin: very important vitamin (vitamin B7) for the proper functioning, growth, regeneration and differentiation of epidermal cells contribute to the development and renewal of hair, but the actual hair.


PRIORIN maintains the hair roots with essential micro-nutrients. PRIORIN works on the basis of natural ingredients of millet in combination with the essential vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), biotin, and the amino acid L-cysteine.

How does Priorin works
The ingredients that make up PRIORIN are quite diverse, with such natural substances like: an infusion of birdseed in water (millet), unsaturated lipids, and Vitamins B1 and B12 in very small quantities, all fighting against the impairments which can form in the hair. Additionally, Priorin contains L-Cystine – an amino acid, which is recognized as one of the chief structuring elements of the crucial keratin protein, built into the hair follicle.
Two other components of Priorin are wheat germ oil and millet. Germ oil is a fatty polyunsaturated acid that assists in cell growth. This oil travels to the root of the hair to reconstruct dead or damaged cells of the hair root. Millet is whole grain that contains nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Folate
The innovative combination of active ingredients delivers targeted support to the hair roots, resulting in improved hair structure, delayed ageing and enhanced hair growth.

  • Provides hair root with nutrients that contribute to a better hair growth and prevents hair depleted.
  • Strengthens the hair root
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Supports the hair structure

Is a revolutionary treatment used to regenerate hair growth. PRP is blood that has been concentrated with platelets. These concentrated platelets contain proteins and growth factors which help increase circulation to the hair follicles, stimulate the follicles to grow, and even thicken the hair shaft. It is sure that the introduction of platelets and white blood cells through platelet rich plasma can actually stimulate the growth of follicles, thereby reversing hair miniaturization seen in androgenic alopecia and even preventing hair loss.
After a small amount of blood is taken from the patient to produce the PRP, the scalp is cleaned and numbed with a local anesthetic. Calcium-activated PRP is injected via syringe and applied topically and creates microscopic channels that allow the PRP to penetrate deep into the skin on the scalp where it stimulates the growth of hair follicles and creates new blood vessels.

Initially, two treatments spaced out by 3 months are recommended for rapid regrowth. For some patients, maintenance treatment may become necessary every year or so.

PRP Hair Treatment is a safe choice for many patients with hair loss. However, patients with active infection on the scalp, history of shingles on the scalp, diabetes, coagulation disease, or on blood thinning and/or immunosuppressive medications are not right candidates.
If the hair follicles are entirely lost, the treatment will not work. Patients who have lost their hair follicles require hair transplant surgery.


Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in hair restoration utilizes cool lasers to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. LLLT is based on the scientific principle of photo-biotherapy. Photo-biotherapy occurs when laser light is absorbed by cells and stimulates cell metabolism and protein synthesis. Although the exact mechanism by which laser light promotes hair growth is still unknown, it appears to stimulate the follicles on the scalp by increasing energy production and by reversing miniaturization (the process leading to thicker hair shafts and a fuller look).

Laser light is in the visible red light spectrum and is generated in a laser diode. The energy level is far below that of laser beams that cut or burn tissue. The low-level red laser light has a very low absorption rate in human tissue making it safe for use in the treatment of hair loss.
Low energy lasers have been used for over thirty years to accelerate healing after wounds or burns and to reduce pain. In 1992, Pontinen published the first paper discussing its possible use in promoting hair growth. Since then there has been much progress is defining the exact parameters necessary to accomplish this, In 2007, the FDA cleared for marketing the use of low-level lasers for the treatment of androgenetic hair loss in men. This clearance was based on the device’s safety, and not on its effectiveness in treating hair loss.

The Hair Max Laser Comb, cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device in January 2007, is a compact version of the larger laser therapy units used by hair clinics in other countries to stimulate hair to increase in thickness and make the hair appear fuller. This home product has teeth that part the hair to potentially enable the laser light to reach the scalp in areas of existing hair.




Androgenic alopecia is the most common baldness in our society, it affects both men and women.
Analyzing the problem of hair loss with Handyscope (FotoFinder), a professional micro camera with polarized light, associated with a server where expert trichologists analyze the photos taken, is the best way to know the origin of the hair loss, essential for succeed in treatment.
AMT ® is an effective technique using injectable micro capillary graft, which slows down the evolution of hair loss by immunomodulation, as well as promoting hair growth. The micrograft solution obtained with AMT ® has the required regenerative properties, such as chemotaxis, cell proliferation, and high angiogenic potential.
We have the most advanced, safe and natural (biological) technology to assess and correctly treat the problem of androgenetic alopecia in just one session a year.

Discover the most novel and simple way to do regenerative medicine through autologous therapy for hair loss and hair thinning.

Regenera Activa is a revolutionary treatment against hair loss and hair thinning in men and women, targeting at androgenetic alopecia. Regenera Activa treatment uses your own tissue which contains stem cells that help activate the hair follicles around the hair thinning and hair loss area and has the ability to produce new hair by stimulating a hair regenerative process.

Regenera Activa treatment : One hour procedure
Step 1 – local anesthesia applied at the back of the scalp in order to collect 3 small samples (2.5mm diameter per sample).
Step 2 – Then samples are placed inside the cartridge of Regenera Activa device in order to collect the solution containing stem cells.
Step 3 – The solution then injected in the scalp area which suffers from hair loss and hair thinning to initiate and stimulate the hair follicle regeneration process.


  • Effective treatment.
  • Safe.
  • Minimal pain.
  • Minimally invasive technic.
  • Return to your daily activities immediately after treatment.
  • Lasts only one hour.
  • Can be combined also with other treatments.
  • Visible results in one month.

40-year-old woman, 5 months after treatment.

58-year-old woman, 6 months after treatment.

34 year old man 6 months after treatment.



Salmon is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which open the hair follicles on your scalp and so assist in promoting hair growth. If your hair is not getting its fair share of omega 3 it may well look dry and dull. Also you may find you are suffering from a dry scalp which could result in flakiness.
Great meal ideas: You can eat salmon, grilled, poached, fried or baked. From fishcakes to fish pie and Salmon En Croute to Cajun Fried Salmon you can really try out a mixed diet!


Not everyone’s favorite veg but it really does contain some powerful vitamins such B, C and E as well as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and Omega 3 which are all great for hair growth and repair. Iron in particular helps to carry blood to the hair follicles triggering hair growth.


Lentils are great in stews, casseroles, soups and all kinds of rich meals. They are often that added extra that gives a meal its bulk and flavor – so make sure you add it to your meals for the best possible diet. Lentils contain zinc biotin and protein. The latter helps to strengthen hair strands.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are especially rich in a nutrient called beta-carotene which the body converts into vitamin A. It is the deficiency in vitamin A which leads to a dry scalp and dandruff. Never tried sweet potatoes before? There are loads of mouth-watering recipes out there such as sweet jacket potato, sweet potato and lentil soup (now there’s a winner!) and sweet potato and chicken curry. The choice is endless.


Apart from its well-known virility properties (the jury’s still out on that one actually) oysters offer a great source of zinc. Zinc is an important antioxidant for the body. Zincs properties help with hair growth as it helps keep the oil glands at the scalp at a healthy level. Deficiencies in zinc can be shown as hair loss in extreme conditions.
So take her out for a meal of oysters and you are both going to look good and have a good night out…


This is probably the most common foodstuff on the list and probably everyone has eggs in some form or another in their diets. Keep it up because eggs offer a rich supply of biotin which is great for hair growth and repair.


All that oil in Mackerel is rich in Omega 3. Just like Salmon this is great for hair growth. Mackerel is pretty versatile in your diet too. Why not try spiced mackerel on toast, mackerel and potato salad or peppered mackerel fishcakes!


Walnuts are really “morish” and can be added to a meal to give it that extra bite or just eaten as a snack. Walnuts are a source of Biotin amongst other nutrients. Biotin helps strengthen hair, reduce hair loss and improve hair growth. Walnuts are also a good source of vitamin E. Vitamin E deficiency may lead to brittle hair which easily breaks off or snaps.


No they don’t actually help you see better – that is a myth but they will help with hair growth and repair. Containing vitamin A, these vegetables help you get that shiny well-conditioned look by maintaining the natural oils in the hair and keeping your scalp in tip top condition.


Chicken is basic to most people’s diets if you are not vegetarian. Poultry contains rich proteins which can make hair stronger and add natural color to your hair. If there is a deficiency in your hair, it may be brittle and have a loss of hair color.

Hair restoration includes the medical and surgical treatment of various forms of hair loss. Medical treatment cannot stop the hair loss. Hair restoration is the only permanent technique that can move hair from permanent zone to the balding area. FUE method by HFE Clinic is a less-invasive hair restoration procedure which is extremely successful.

Hair forever… Hair for everyone